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La Ardosa

Bodega de la Ardosa, Madrid

SRapallo BodegaArdosa, watercolor, 2017.

SRapallo BodegaArdosa, watercolor, 2017.

Calle de Colón, 13, Malasaña

One of the first bars we visit when we arrived in Madrid. It´s a old bar with excellent salmorejo (cold tomato soup made with bread, oil, garlic and vinegar) and croquetas or tortilla de patatas (potato and onion omelette). You have to try it!

As a decor I specially love the grotesque  Goya´s drawings hanged all over the walls. Most of the people don´t even notice them. They have two ambient s;  one in front and the other at the back of the bar, you have to pass below the counter top.

A brief history

In 1892 Rafael Fernández Bagena, owner of vineyards in the region of La Ardosa, Toledo, created and founded the chain of Bodegas La Ardosa in Madrid, which would have 36 establishments. Some are still open in the streets Sta. Engracia, 70 , Ponzano, 10 and Abtao, 32.

Gregorio Monje, a butcher by profession, acquired La Ardosa in 1970. In 1979 he began working there with his wife Conchita, who presented the tavern to the most prestigious tortilla competitions, and his sons Rafael and Ángel.  At the death of Gregorio. In 1995, the distributor  was sold and the children continued with the brewery business. Currently, La Ardosa is run by Ángel, assisted by  his wife, Concepción, and by a team that he trained and educated to serve beer with the same dedication and devotion as always.

During the 80’s he specialized in beers, becoming an institution. They worked the English Bass brewery, the German Warsteiner and were pioneers in importing Czech beers like the authentic Czech Budweiser and Pilsner Urquell. Ah, they also have Guinness and Bombardier.
This place is crowded on weekends, well… in fact every night – the Spanish way of life. They are pro…. they drink Monday to Monday.

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SRapallo, Alpargatas, watercolor on W&N 300gsm, 42x29.7cm.


SRapallo, Alpargatas, watercolor on W&N 300gsm, 42x29.7cm.

SRapallo, Alpargatas, watercolor on W&N 300gsm, 42×29.7cm.

Espadrilles (Alpargatas)

It’s an eternal fashion made in Spain. They are hand made with thousands of different models: flat or with high heels. An authentic and traditional shoes. The oldest store in Madrid is Casa Hernanz, since 1845.

I bought mine last summer. They are perfect for hot days…



Alpargatas estão eternamente em moda na Espanha. São confeccionadas em mil modelos diferentes: sem salto ou com salto. São sapatos autênticos e tradicionais. A loja mais antiga em Madri é a Casa Hernanz, desde 1845.

Eu comprei esse par no verão passado. São perfeitas para dias quentes…