Rotten Apple II

An Apple a day….

Malus domestica

There is a great symbolism of the apple: its spherical shape means earthly desires or complacency with regard to these desires. It represents good and evil. Evil in its first essence, original sin, the human being arrogance in seeking knowledge in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In mythology, Hercules reaps 3 apples in the Hesperides garden. In the Middle Ages, the apple of William Tell, and Newton’s theory of gravity, the Snow White and the poisoned apple, the apple of Steve Jobs and the apple of Da Vince Code by Dan Brown.

But it occurred to me that it was not what I wanted, make only beautiful and healthy apples, but think of the sick, old and rotting. The Rotten ones. Thus was born the Rotten Apples serie.

My last series, the “Rotten Apples,” was because I wanted to explore the rejected, the sick, the rotting, the ones that are considered “not pretty.” In my search I did experiments. I left apples out in the open to see the process of the decay, but the weather in Spain is too dry. Instead of rotting, they dried up, shriveled and hardened to the point of petrification. I was assisted by my daughter, Amanda, who photographed the process.

Rotten Apple I
SRapallo, “Rotten Apple I”, oil on linen, 0.93 x 0.93 m, Madrid, 2016.
Rotten Apple II
SRapallo, “Rotten Apple II”, oil on linen, 0.93 x 0.93 m, Madrid, 2016.
Rotten Apple III
SRapallo, “Rotten Apple III”, oil on linen, 0.93 x 0.93 m, Madrid, 2016.
Not yet rotten


Text in Portuguese

Tradução em português

Há uma grande simbologia sobre a maça: sua forma esférica significa os desejos terrestres ou a complacência com relação a esses desejos. Representa o bem e o mal. O mal na sua primeira essência, o pecado original, na arrogância do homem em buscar o conhecimento na árvore do conhecimento. Na mitologia, Hércules colhe 3 maças no jardim de Hespérides. Na idade média, a maça de Guilherme Tell, Newton e a teoria da gravidade, a Branca de Neve e a maça envenenada, a maça de Steve Jobs.

Mas me ocorreu que não era apenas isso que queria, retratar maças lindas e bonitas, mas também retratar as doentes, velhas e apodrecendo. As Maças Apodrecidas. Assim nasceu a série Rotten Apples.



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3 thoughts on “An Apple a day….”

  1. Sabe que sou admirador antigo. Você continua muito bem, seus trações são insinuantes e ao mesmo tempo leves. O cotidiano é o que mais me atrai em sua arte.

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