Calle Milaneses, Aerial Accident, Madrid

I decided to pay tribute to another angel’s statue that adorns Madrid’s rooftop. Many people think that’s another fallen angel or even Ícarus… But, not at all. I’m gonna tell you that story.

Once upon a time there was a building in Calle Milaneses and the people who lived in that building want to put a statue on the top to decorate their precious home and also the city. Madrid is a city that has many statues on rooftops, the majority of them expressing grandeur posing for magestic historical moments. But I have no idea why, Miguel Ángel (:-)) Ruiz, was particularly inspired that day and decide to make a statue that everyone would talk about it. Well, instead of making another famous  king of a general, he did “Aerial Accident”.

In his interpretation,  10.000 years ago a “man with wings” went away for a fly. He was coming back home, flying backwards, taking a little sun bath and didn’t realize that on the grass field he´s used to land, had grown up an entire city… and Booommm!! He clashed violently on the top of that same building.

He is not a fallen angel, he is not Icarus, he is just an “Aerial Accident”.






Published by Susana Rapallo

Susana Rapallo retrata suas experiências pessoais como mulher e artista. Seu blog é uma jornada ilustrada de viagens e experimentação artística.

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