Reflections on Women

SRapallo, Reflection on Women #1, watercolor and ink on paper, 50x70cm, 2016.
Reflections on Women #1, ink and acrylic on paper, 50 x 70 cm

” Reflections on female relationships, complexities of emotions and feelings, family and relatives. Family and people I have known, representations, figuratively, abstractly or both.

Working on, sometimes a tender palette, sometimes a more vibrant one, capturing a glimpse of female feelings, strong but also subtle. For me, the female psyche are represented by clouds and drips of paint highlighting the rich texture of the canvas. I enjoy using natural powder pigments forming shadows and lights that are changing and transforming itself, colors interactions altering the final results, forming new details, totally unexpected. I think it’s fascinating to see how all those colors and forms take me to different aspects of my own journey on this life. ”




Published by Susana Rapallo

Susana Rapallo retrata suas experiências pessoais como mulher e artista. Seu blog é uma jornada ilustrada de viagens e experimentação artística.

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