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Brueghel and Bosch




We recently travelled to Belgium, Germany and Holland and went to see the exhibition “Brueghel’s Witches”, at the Saint Jones Hospital, in Bruges. I thought it was interesting how the first’s artistic representation of witches are still the same stereotypes that accompanies us nowadays.

After returning  home I thought how similar was Brueghel’s and Bosch´s drawings over the same subjects. In fact, between 1555 and 1563, Brueghel made many designs for engravings in the style or manner of Hieronymus Bosch (ca. 1453–1516).

There was a strong market demand for those types of ¨weird designs¨ at that time: mythological, religious, surreal forms, strange combinations of men and animal´s, witches, insects and surrealistic specimens.

The seven sins prints follows the same compositional scheme, with the personification of the vice accompanied by a symbolic animal in the foreground. Brueghel´s design was similar to Bosch and both had an assortment of fantastic creatures. Both also paint the deadly sins and the hell.


For those visiting Madrid, after checking Bosch, check also the fantastic painting of Brueghel´s, ¨The Triumph of Death¨, at Museo del Prado.



Museo del Prado – Bosch


Museo del Prado, Madrid.

One of the best museums in the world. Living in Madrid I have the opportunity to visit it many times and get delighted with its collection.

If you are planning to travel to Madrid, don’t forget to visit, from May 31st to September 11st, The V Centennial Exhibition of Bosch.